Meet the Normal Family

That's me, Ali, on the day that I became a Freeman. In this duo, I am generally the dreamer, designer, and eternal optimist.  I generally don't see hurdles, but only the big picture.  This whole thing is certainly a mix of my love for creativity and Mark's ability to make it happen (though I am learning several tricks along the way!)

This guy right here is the man that makes it all come together!  Mark grew up in rural Georgia and spent most of his days tearing things apart and putting them back together again.  Being married to this guy has proven that growing up on a farm teaches you how to do just about anything!  Mark takes a lot of pride in building quality furniture and absolutely loves collaborating with my crazy color choices to bring a solid mix of masculine and feminine pieces to our wonderful customers!

And last, but certainly not least, is The Cobes.  Jacobi is our 5 1/5 year old pit bull mix and our absolute favorite thing in the whole world!  The day that we met, the first days of our courtship, the day of our marriage, and every day in between she's been right by our sides! We love this girl, and she helps inspire our color and comfort choices:)

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  1. What an incredible team you make! The site looks gorgeous, which is not at all surprising- knowing this delightful duo. I cannot wait to find my next signature piece on here. See you soon!