The Man Behind the Furniture

Hey Guys!! For those of you who do not know, I would like to fill you in on how my wife and I decided to start our own furniture business.
This story starts about 16 or 17 years ago, depending on how old I really am.
My first official tax-paying job was in an upholstery shop where I was paid very little money to sweep the floors and deliver furniture.  From there, I continued to work after school and summers; eventually learning the arts of fabric replacement, custom furniture, and woodworking.  At this point in my life, I had little appreciation for the skill, nice furniture, or quality products.  I eventually upholstered enough chairs, couches, boats, cars, ottomans (ottomen??), and antiques of all shapes and sizes to know that I never wanted to see another stick of furniture again.  However, my brother, Sam (also skilled at upholstery), bought an industrial sewing machine and I told someone about my know-how. Little-by-little, I ended up recovering furniture throughout the years. One day my neighbor-girl (Ali) found out about my art, asked me to recover some chairs and a couch (I still haven't started on those chairs). She was smitten.  We married in June of 2012. And after talking about the possibility for a few years, we decided "Why not?" I already possessed the skill and tools necessary; She has the eye and taste of great design.  So for little or no cost, my beautiful wife and I are business owners.  Thanks to those of you who have already booked your chairs with us!! Some of the first official NormalTown Nest projects have settled back into their homes with a new look to last several years and there are more on the way!!

If you are looking for a price, an idea, or some decorating advice, please feel free to email us at normaltownnest@gmail.com with a description and pictures if applicable.  Thanks again!!

-Mark W Freeman

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